About Ecotone Products


Ecotone Products, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Pacific, Inc. Ecotone Products specializes in the distribution of product solutions in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Water conservation
  • Renewable power
  • Demand response

Ecotone Products offers products and services engineered to optimize resource conservation while maintaining high performance standards. Our commitment to quality conservation products extends through our vast product line, which includes manufacturers such as AirGenerate, Digi International, Friedrich Air Conditioning, GE Appliances, GE Lighting, Neoperl, Panasonic and many others. We provide quality product solutions that support our customers in reaching their conservation goals.

Ecotone Products has proven expertise in delivering value-added service solutions on behalf of our clients:

  • Secure Product Supply. Ecotone Products efficiently purchases, warehouses, and distributes products for large scale installation programs and product promotions by utilities, contractors, and retailers. We actively work with our clients ensuring adequate product supply at all times.
  • Customer Fulfillment Solutions. Ecotone Products is an experienced partner in managing projects involving the planning, production, and delivery of standardized and customized energy efficiency- and water conservation kits to residential households on behalf of utilities and utility implementation contractors across the USA.
  • Online Fulfillment Websites and E-Commerce Platforms. Ecotone  Products provides fully integrated online fulfillment websites and e-commerce platforms that can efficiently process conservation product orders on behalf of utilities, utility programs, as well as retailers.

Recognizing the demand and environmental benefits of conservation, Ecotone Products was established to provide customers with expertise and access to quality conservation product solutions and services throughout the United States.

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