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aircycler_smallAirCycler™ creates all-in-one electronic wall switches that optimize air ventilation for the home. Their controls allow the user to set the number of minutes per hour a connected ventilation fan should run. The delay timer will turn the fan off for a set number of minutes following the light turning off. There is no complicated programming involved—these settings can easily be modified or canceled. AirCycler™ products are an important part of an energy-efficient and cost-effective home upgrade.


AMConservationGroup_smallAM Conservation Group, Inc. produces water conservation and energy- saving products such as faucet aerators, shower heads, water heater and duct insulation, door sweeps, sealant, and other weatherization options.


BITS-LImited_smallBits Limited created the “smart strip;” a power strip that conserves energy and includes surge protection. The smart strip senses the current in one outlet and smartly switches the other outlets on or off as desired. The flat wall plug prevents damage to furniture and minimizes the chance of being accidentally unplugged. The recessed power switch prevents Bits Limited smart strips from being accidentally switched off. The combination of an award-winning ergonomic design and the ability to eliminate “vampire loads” around the home make Bits Limited a great conservation product.


ConvectairConvectair offers a full line of high quality silent convection heaters, radiant heaters, fan-forced heaters, models that combine different types of heating, and towel warmers. Convectair heaters keep the selected room temperature stable without allowing for major fluctuations in room temperature. Convectair convection heaters provide superior indoor air quality compared to standard electric heaters. Due to lower operating temperatures, in-home humidity levels stay balanced and none of the natural occurring indoor air particles are burned. Convectair convection and radiant heaters operate in silence and eliminate noises emitted by fan-forced gas furnaces, oil furnaces or electric baseboards.


Logo_TagDelta innovates smart solutions for the kitchen and bathroom. In 2011, Delta was named Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense Partner of the Year for their line of shower heads, hand showers, bathroom faucets, and toilets. Their trademark H2Okinetic technology in kitchen and bathroom faucets balances droplet size and movement to provide effective, yet comfortable water pressure and flow. The Delta product line includes appliances for both residential and commercial applications.


Diversitech LogoDiversitech is a leading supplier of components to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry (HVACR) in North America. Diversitech offers high efficiency condensate pumps, motors, equipment pads and accessories.


EarthtronicsEarthTronics manufactures ENERGY STAR® certified compact fluorescent and LED bulbs including general purpose spirals, decorative, floodlights and spotlights. They also offer the recessed ceiling retrofit trim. EarthTronics bulbs are a great addition for energy conservation kits.


evluma-logoEvluma is a manufacturer of high quality, commercial, and utility grade exterior LED lamps, exterior LED fixture retrofits, and exterior LED fixtures. Evluma LEDs maximize energy savings, reduce light pollution, and minimize maintenance costs. Evluma products provide exterior lighting solutions for suitable electric utilities, municipalities and commercial customers.


imagesEvolve Technologies manufactures water-saving shower head technology. Their line of shower heads surpasses the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense criteria for water and energy savings. ShowerStart Technology designs their shower heads to be the best feeling, eco-friendly shower heads on the market.


FriedrichFriedrich Air Conditioning specializes in the manufacturing of high quality electric cooling equipment. Residential cooling equipment includes window, built-in, and portable air conditioners. Commercial cooling equipment includes room/window, thru-the-wall, ductless mini-split and portable air conditioning systems. Friedrich PTAC and Vert-I-Pac complete the line of cooling options. Friedrich mini-split ductless heat pumps are popular in retrofit applications in residential homes and commercial buildings.


GE Appliances logo_ge_blueGE Appliances is the proud designer and manufacturer of the highly efficient, ENERGY STAR® qualified  GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater. The GE GeoSpring heat pump water heater is designed, engineered, and assembled in Louisville, Kentucky. The GE GeoSpring water heater features the easiest installation procedure of all available heat pump water heaters on the US market today. 50-gallon and 80-gallon models are available for both retail and contractor markets.


GE-lighting-logoGE Lighting is a global leader in residential, professional, and electric utility lighting solutions. GE Lighting manufactures advanced, ENERGY STAR® qualified, compact fluorescent lamps popularly used in direct installation programs, utility promotional giveaways, energy efficiency kits, and retail programs. GE Lighting features a full line of residential LED bulbs used in professional markets and by home owners. Utility grade GE roadway light fixtures are an excellent choice for utilities, municipalities, and commercial customers. GE roadway fixtures are a popular choice for customers considering an upgrade from HID or Metal Halide lamps.


HalcologoHalco Lighting Technologies manufactures lamps and ballasts for residential, commercial/industrial and specialty lighting applications. Halco’s energy efficient products include compact fluorescent lamps, linear fluorescent lamps, and LEDs. Halco Lighting Technologies’ reputation and its relentless use of a state-of-the-art, in-house testing laboratory ensure uncompromising quality and provides piece of mind.



Holdrite_logo_smallHoldrite is established as the market leader in pipe support and alignment bracket systems for over 30 years. Holdrite’s motto of “Converting Makeshift Plumbing Methods into Engineered Solutions” has led to innovative products. Holdrite has established a reputation as a leading manufacturer of original products across many categories that include: pipe and equipment support systems, acoustical plumbing solutions, water heater accessories, and water and firestop sleeving systems.


holophane_smallHolophane provides lighting systems for commercial, industrial, emergency and outdoor applications. Holophane luminaires, their hallmark product, is a glass prism that lights any environment evenly without causing dark spots or glare. Great light output from their lamps is assured with the energy saving ballasts. Holophane offers standard complete product line, plus custom luminaires and poles for indoor and outdoor applications.


howard_smallHoward Lighting Products® offers lighting solutions including lamps, ballasts and fixtures. Their energy efficient product line includes linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, electronic ballasts, magnetic fluorescent ballasts, flood fixtures, highbay fixtures and sports lighter fixtures. Howard Lighting Products® also feature LED and induction fixtures.


intermatic-logo_smallIntermatic Incorporated® is dedicated to providing energy management solutions. Their product offerings include LED and HID lighting, advanced energy control options, surge protection, occupancy/vacancy sensors, photo controls, pool and spa controls and weatherproof covers.


 LG supplies high quality electronic home appliances including the LG duct-free split system, which is an energy efficient whole-home heating and cooling solution. This heat pump system is an excellent replacement for an existing electric baseboard home system. LG provides attractive products that offer the latest in technology and performance.


maxlite-logo_weblinecardMaxLite is a leader in LED technology and has been in the lighting industry for over 20 years, and in 2009, they became an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year. With extensive product development labs, testing facilities, and in-house market research, MaxLite’s products exceed the highest standards in lighting design, service, support and technology. MaxLite’s LED products are LM-79 and LM-80 tested, UL or ETL listed, and backed by industry leading warranties; additionally, MaxLite only uses long-life premium LED chipsets.


NeoperlNeoperl® manufactures state-of-the-art products with the ability to shape and control water streams, meet flow rate regulations, protect from backflow and facilitate compliance with codes and standards. Neoperl® aearators are available as spray and laminar aerators and many models meet the EPA’s  WaterSense® qualifications. Neoperl® WaterSense® listed aerators meet water conservation standards without compromising high performance


Niagara LOGO_smallNiagara Conservation® produces water and energy conservation products that sustain peak performance while maximizing efficiency. Niagara’s vast product line includes shower heads and faucet aerators with their patented pressure compensator, high-efficiency lighting products, and weatherization products.


nrg_05102011New Resources Group is at the forefront of changing how people use energy. They are the largest developer of solar power in the United States. NRG created the first privately-funded electric vehicle infrastructure of home charging stations. In nine competitive energy states, they supply electricity services through a unique rewards program. Their unique blend of cutting-edge energy technology makes them a strategic partner.


Panasonic_logo_smallPanasonic produces a wide range of ENERGY STAR® qualified energy efficient, quiet, yet powerful ventilation fans. Panasonic ventilation fans are available as wall mount, low profile ceiling, remote in-line, lighted or heated fans. Panasonic WhisperGreen® ventilation fans are a high quality, efficient and popular choice with home performance contractors, HVAC professionals, property managers, and electric utility energy efficiency programs. Panasonic WhisperComfort™ are premier Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) that provide balanced indoor air quality. Panasonic ventilation fans all meet ASHRAE 62.2 standards, required for applications in LEED certified homes, meeting California Title 24 and other green building standards.


images (1) Panasonic Ductless systems combine their sleek designs with whisper quiet operations to bring the consumer supremely efficient household heating and cooling. Installation of these systems is quick and simple, with no ductwork. With wireless remote controls, self-diagnosing functions, multiple and auto-adjusting fan settings, and programmable timers, Panasonic gives full control of their ENERGY STAR® rated heating and cooling systems to the user.


Rheem Marathon Water HeatersRheem Marathon Water Heaters® has a simple mantra to build the longest lasting water heaters in the business. They offer water heater solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Rheem Marathon Water Heaters® are first quality electric storage tank water heaters.


Rheem LogoRheem® is a global brand known for their reliability and efficiency in residential and commercial heating, cooling and water heating systems. Rheem’s most popular line of products includes conventional and hybrid storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters, solar water heating systems, hydronic and geothermal systems, indoor air quality accessories, and replacement parts for all categories.


Scaltrol, Inc.Scaltrol Inc. is a leading provider of water treatment solutions. Their systems deposit a microscopic film of phosphate to all surfaces preventing corrosion caused by chlorides and minerals in the water. Heated or pressurized water increases the amount of scale resulting in water service issues. Scaltrol is non-mechanical, non-magnetic and easy to install.


ShorepowerShorepower Technologies deploys electric parking across the United States. They provide Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Shorepower R&D is working on new technologies for transportation in support of energy efficiency and cleaner air.


images (2)Tricklestar’s Tier I and Tier II energy-saving power strips are the preferred choice of electric utilities, energy efficiency programs, implementation contractors, and energy auditors nationwide. Their Tier II model features Infrared and Multi sensors to eliminate connected devices’ use of unnecessary energy when there is nobody in the room or when remotes are not in use. By connecting your television to the “control outlet,” all other electronics in the power strip will use limited energy based on when the control switch is engaged. Tricklestar also equips their power strips’ surge protectors in a ceramic casing to prevent combustion in the event that it experiences a power surge.











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