New Ecommerce Platform Provides Full Geographic Coverage for Utility Buy-Down Programs

Ecotone Products just released an upgraded ecommerce retail platform that provides utility and implementation contractors with a new convenient pathway to deliver buy-down rebates for lighting, showerheads, and other energy saving products to utility customers nationwide.

GP Conservation

Ecotone Products recently released GP Conservation, an ecommerce retail website, to utilities and implementation contractors.  The ecommerce website features energy and water saving products for sale to residential consumers. All items can be conveniently purchased online and are shipped to customer homes. The online store comes with the upgraded functionality. It is able to process and deliver instant online buy-down rebates on energy saving products to consumers. The rebates are paid for by energy efficiency programs managed by electric utilities and energy efficiency programs. Consumers pay the net price after all rebates are applied.

Retail energy efficiency programs face challenges when trying to provide rebates on energy efficient products to consumers in their service territory:

  1. Many electric utility service territories are geographically dispersed. Some customers live in urban areas with many retail locations nearby. Others live in rural areas with a lack of access to retailers. Retail program suffer from the gap between rural and urban geography. Access to energy saving products can be hard to provide in rural settings.  Some customers are left out from participating in the program.
  2. Many energy efficiency programs suffer from a lack of local retailers stocking eligible energy saving products for rebate programs.
  3. More consumers switch their purchases from traditional brick and mortar stores to online retailers every year. Instant utility buy-down rebates are currently not widely available in this retail channel.

Ecotone Products’ ecommerce retail website GP Conservation offers solutions to these problems:

  1. GP Conservation is operational across the entire continental United States of America. Customers can access the website 24/7 from anywhere as long as they have access to a computer, tablet, or phone along with an internet connection. With a few exception product is shipped to just about any location in the continental United States.
  2. GP Conservation carries a wide line-up of energy and water saving devices. Stocking other products will be considered based on the wants and needs of energy efficiency programs.
  3. GP Conservation helps energy efficiency programs engage with online buyers. The online retail store allows programs to influence purchasing decisions and captures formerly lost energy savings.

The process of signing up and rolling out GP Conservation as part of a retail program is easy. The utility program chooses eligible products, the appropriate rebate amounts, a budget along with a start and end date for the program. GP Conservation will only ship product with the rebate applied when the shipping address falls within an eligible utility zip code.  Once the rebate program is enabled utility customers can conveniently browse the website, place products into their shopping carts, and check out 24/7. Consumers only pay the net price for the products. The balance for the instant online rebates is invoiced separately on a monthly basis to the utility program.


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