Select Marathon Water Heaters Temporarily Discontinued

October 20, 2014

To Ecotone Products’ Rheem Marathon Water Heater Customers: With the pending transition for the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) on April 16, 2015 Rheem has discontinued the production of the following Marathon water heaters effective immediately: MR15, MR20, MR30, MR40, MSR50, and MR75 models. Rheem plans to release updated versions of these specific Marathon

New Ecommerce Platform Provides Full Geographic Coverage for Utility Buy-Down Programs

October 16, 2014

Ecotone Products just released an upgraded ecommerce retail platform that provides utility and implementation contractors with a new convenient pathway to deliver buy-down rebates for lighting, showerheads, and other energy saving products to utility customers nationwide. Ecotone Products recently released GP Conservation, an ecommerce retail website, to utilities and implementation contractors.  The ecommerce website features

Promotion Extended: $649 Contractor Special on GE GeoSpring Heat Pump Water Heaters

July 29, 2014

Valid On All Orders* Placed Between July 29 and December 15, 2014. Ecotone Products has good news about the recently expired GE GeoSpring instant rebate promotion. The promotion has been recently renewed. Courtesy of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance we are able to offer an instant $300 rebate on all GE GeoSpring water heaters purchased from Ecotone Products between July 29

Ecotone Products supports Lower Valley Energy in Delivering Energy Saver Kits to More than 6,600 Residential Households

June 30, 2014

Lower Valley Energy (LVE), an electric coop utility, set out to help their residential customers manage their utility bill via an energy efficiency campaign starting in December 2013. Electric coop utilities often have difficulties in reaching geographically dispersed rural customer households. LVE used Ecotone Products’ Pick, Pack & Ship service to successfully sign up and

AirGenerate Heat Pump Water Heaters With Air Intake & Exhaust

June 5, 2014

Ecotone Products wholesales direct vented AirGenerate heat pump water heaters that maximize comfort and energy savings. Ecotone Products distributes direct vented AirGenerate ATI66DV and ATI80DV heat pump water heaters. The stainless steel AirGenerate ATI66DV features a 66-gallon sized tank that delivers roughly the same amount as a 50-gallon standard electric water heater. The average homeowner can expect to save more than $300

Friedrich Ductless Mini-Splits Are Cold Climate Optimized

June 4, 2014

Ecotone Products distributes efficient Friedrich mini-split heat pumps that operate down to -14⁰F. Ecotone Products is now offering cold climate optimized ductless mini-split heat pumps manufactured by Friedrich Air Conditioning. Friedrich’s new J-Series ductless split system line offers 146 installation configurations – of which 102 meet ENERGY STAR® published minimums with SEERS up to 25.0 and EERs up

Panasonic Ventilation Fan Discounts for New and Existing Customers

May 8, 2014

Ecotone Products is offering discounts on Panasonic ventilation fans during the month of May, 2014. Panasonic is the premier manufacturer of powerful, energy-efficient ventilation fans that operate almost silently to exhaust unhealthy, unpleasant or humid air from homes and businesses. Contractors, builders, architects and homeowners can rely on Panasonic for top quality ventilation fans with a

Ecotone Products: Advanced Direct Vented AirGenerate ATI80DV Heat Pump Water Heaters Now Commercially Available

April 30, 2014

Direct vented AirGenerate ATI80DV Heat Pump Water Heaters Maximize Electric Energy Savings for Larger Households in Colder Climates. Ecotone Products, LLC, the leading wholesaler for energy efficient equipment for new and existing construction, is advancing the availability of ultra efficient, cold climate optimized heat pump water heaters for contractors, builders, and architects. Ecotone Products is

Limited Time $300 Discount on GE GeoSpring Heat Pump Water Heater Purchases

April 29, 2014

  Ecotone Products has super efficient and easy to install GE GeoSpring Heat Pump Water Heaters in-stock. The regular retail price for GE GeoSpring water heaters ranges between $999 and $1,299. Courtesy of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance we are able to offer an instant $300 rebate on all GE GeoSpring water heaters purchased from Ecotone Products between

Ecotone Products Now Stocks and Distributes Advanced Panasonic WhisperGreen Ventilation Fans

March 1, 2014

Ecotone Products is now distributing green building standards complying Panansonic WhisperGreenTM ventilation fans. These fans are made to be installed in residential bathrooms and are built to continuously operate at a low adjustable cubic foot per minute (CFM) rate 24/7. This feature supports a continuous supply of fresh air in residential homes while exhausting stale

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