Ecotone Products carries a diverse line of quality products that deliver environmental benefits and bottom line financial results. These high performance conservation products allocate resources more efficiently than standard products. Many incorporate advanced engineering and deliver enhanced functional performance compared to conventional products. The improved performance coupled with resource savings can cause conservation products to pay for themselves in a short period of time.


Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Ecotone Products carries ductless mini-split heat pump systems.  They are an effective solution for electric heating and cooling  in residential and commercial applications.


Electric Heaters

Ecotone Products includes energy efficient electric space heaters in its lineup of conservation product solutions. Electric heaters with accurate thermostats, controllers, convection technology, or fan-forced technologies can support whole house energy conservation strategies.


Energy Controls

Ecotone Products supplies energy controls that enable consumers, businesses, and utilities to control energy loads. Energy control solutions include products such as timers, photocells, motion sensors, humidistats, and airflow regulators. Ecotone Products also carries smart energy solutions that allow customers to adjust home energy use through an internet portal like WIFI, RF (radio frequency), or hardwired fiber connections.



Ecotone Products offers energy efficient lighting solutions for residential, commercial and utility applications. Energy efficient lighting technologies are easy to install, cost effective and they have a short payback period.



Building science is important to Ecotone Products. The proper ventilation of residential and commercial buildings is crucial to provide a healthy environment. Ecotone Products provides ventilation solutions that improve indoor air quality and combat mold and moisture concerns. Our ventilation products are quiet, reliable, and require little maintenance.


Water Heaters

Ecotone Products provides a full line of residential and commercial water heater solutions. In the average household, water heating is the second largest energy consumer.  Carefully selecting the correct water heater is important to achieve proper performance, cost savings and energy efficiency benefits. Many of our electric utility customers use efficient water heating technologies in their demand response strategies.

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