Select Marathon Water Heaters Temporarily Discontinued


To Ecotone Products’ Rheem Marathon Water Heater Customers:

With the pending transition for the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) on April 16, 2015 Rheem has discontinued the production of the following Marathon water heaters effective immediately: MR15, MR20, MR30, MR40, MSR50, and MR75 models. Rheem plans to release updated versions of these specific Marathon water heaters in April, 2015.


Ecotone Products has a limited supply of the above mentioned Marathon water heater models in stock. We intend to primarily use this supply to fill requests for warranty replacements. If you need to place an order for any of these Marathon water heater models please call us to inquire about remaining availability:  503.907.2901.


Until further notice, Rheem will exclusively produce the MR50, MR85, and MR105 within the Marathon water heater line.

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