Ecotone Products delivers a unique combination of services across the United States including strong manufacturer relationships, technological expertise, and the ability to efficiently acquire and distribute energy efficient products to the utility, contractor and retail market. The focus is to maintain and grow lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial to clients and suppliers.


Manufacturer Relationships

Ecotone Products is a spin-off of General Pacific’s Conservation Department. It is taking the team members and manufacturer relationships with it. Over the years, Ecotone Products team members have built strong relationships with strategic industry partners. Ecotone Products works with a diverse portfolio of companies, some of which are household names like Rheem and GE. These brands value energy efficiency and are known for creating reliable products. Other partner companies, like evluma and ShorePower, focus on novel disruptive technologies. They are the catalyst for cutting edge technology that drives industry change. Ecotone Products embraces all of its partners in meeting the changing needs of the energy consuming market. Check out our Line Card for more brands with which we a­­re aligned.


Technological Expertise

Ecotone Products centers its attention on providing the best energy efficient products in the market and surpassing the client’s expectations. That commitment is demonstrated in multiple ways.

Ecotone Products offers product and installation trainings to facilitate contractors and utilities in going to market with in-depth product knowledge and confidence. Ecotone Products is a member of many groups in the community including EUDA, NWPPA, Oregon Home Performance Guild, ENERGY STAR® partner, WaterSense® partner and more. These alliances provide the channel to engage and distribute energy conscious materials across the United States.

Ecotone Products derives its product knowledge and industry knowledge from the parent company, General Pacific. Founded in 1965, General Pacific has manifested a successful business model for Ecotone Products to implement with a conservation focus. Ecotone Products has an answer for every question, and a point of view that will help guide the decisions of the client.


Efficient Distribution Capabilites

Ecotone Products effectively serves conservation markets through the continental United States. By actively working with clients, Ecotone Products is able to successfully purchase, warehouse and distribute large scale installation programs and product promotions for utilities, contractors and retailers.


Energy Efficiency Kits & Water Conservation Kits

Ecotone Products has created the Pick, Pack and Ship model allowing utilities and customers to get the products they want when building an energy efficiency kit or water conservation kit. When a utility is designing a conservation kit, they will work with an Ecotone Products account specialist to define the details of a conservation program. Together they will “Pick” specific items for the conservation kits, i.e. lamps, showerheads, aerators, etc. Because Ecotone Products is not a manufacturer, they are enabled to combine a variety of brands and products, without limitation. Next, Ecotone Products will “Pack” the utility conservation kits per the selected items. Fully customizable packaging is available including box selection, stickers, box printing, brochures and other marketing materials. The products and marketing materials are professionally assembled at the Ecotone Products warehouse and “Ship” directly to the utility customer. The process is seamless through the coordination of the dedicated Ecotone Products account specialist and the utility.


Innovative Warehousing, E-Commerce Platforms and Fulfillment Services

Ecotone Products offers diverse service solutions involving warehousing and e-commerce platform development. Having an in-house warehouse allows the opportunity to provide just in time delivery and direct job site deliveries. Also, the tech-savvy team at Ecotone Products is able to create a custom online fulfillment website or e-commerce platform that can efficiently process incoming orders. Ecotone Products welcomes the opportunity to meet the customer needs and surpass the expectation.

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